100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

We guarantee your satisfaction with your new system. For one year, from the date of purchase, if your new system fails to operate satisfactorily, we will correct the problem. If a specific problem due to our installation or the equipment we have installed persists, and we are unable to correct it within 1 year of the Date of notification, we, at your request, will remove the system & refund your investment.

If your system fails, it’s important to know why so you don’t get “heartbroken” with a long-term problem. If you have had multiple service calls and we can’t fix the system we will install a new system, it is that simple. We eliminate the risk and worry of you getting a “lemon”. We are committed to your long-term satisfaction.

We guarantee that when properly designed systems are installed, maintained, and operated by the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance manuals, and when you accept all of the prescribed measures we recommend, we guarantee your new system will save a minimum of 25% heating/cooling utility usage or we will Refund Double the Difference that you were short, that 1st year of operation.

We promise that your new system will keep the temperature within three degrees from your digital thermostat or we will make needed adjustments the first year (excludes 2-story home non-zoned).

We guarantee that we won’t give you a “cheap lowest price” estimate that leaves you “paying for add-ons and overages not anticipated”. If we overlook a required item, we will make it right at no extra expense to you.

We only hire “drug-free” employees, who will respect and protect your home and grounds by using drop clothes, wearing “floor savers” and using extra care while performing your work. If we damage, dirty, or break something in or around your home, we will clean or repair the damaged area at no cost to you.

Our installation technicians are the best trained in skill, attitude, and workmanship. They will be on time, care for your home, and complete the job with speed and precision. They will not smoke or swear in your home, and they will be polite.

We realize that most homeowner’s biggest fears are when a contractor works in their home; they will make a mess and leave it for them to clean up. Because of the quality of our installation teams, we guarantee you that we will leave your home better than we found it or we will pay for a cleaning service to come to your home and clean it in its entirety. We are that confident.

We guarantee that your installation will be installed according to the best practices available and per code at the time of installation. For your protection, we are licensed, bonded, and carry workman’s compensation insurance protecting you and your home.

The primary reason to own a comfort system is to be comfortable inside when it’s hot or cold outside. During the first year from the date installed, if your system fails due to our workmanship or the equipment we have installed, we will restore your comfort within 24 hours of your call or pay you $250.00 for your inconvenience, excluding Acts of God, or non-system related damage. We don’t just say we will install it right and provide service after your installation; we put our money where our mouth is!

We Guarantee: Unless scheduled as such when we start, we will stay on the job and complete your installation as originally scheduled. If for any reason caused by our company, we cannot, we will pay you $100 per day, every day until completed.

Anyone can make something cheaper by cutting corners and pricing for less. So, it’s important what is and is not included in any heating and cooling system you choose for your home. Love promises you cannot find a licensed contractor with clean-cut, drug-free, background-checked employees to provide you with a comparable installation, done to code with a permit including all of our written company guarantees for less…or we’ll refund you the difference. All we ask is that the comparison must be with the identical products and equipment we have offered listing company warranties and indicating they are a drug-free, background-checked company.