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Heating in Modesto, CA

Loves Air is dedicated to providing dependable heating services in Modesto, CA and the surrounding areas. We understand that when your heater fails, you need it fixed professionally so the same problem won’t come back in the future. That’s why we provide quality service you can depend on.

We have a wide range of services to choose from, so we’re sure to have one that’s perfect for your needs. We offer furnace installation, repair, and replacement, as well as heating system maintenance and tune-ups. Call us now!

Heating Services in Modesto

Precision Furnace Tune Up Special

You know how important it is to keep your furnace in good working condition. But did you know that a professional tune-up can actually save you money on your energy bills?

A furnace tune-up from Loves Air will check for and repair any gas leaks, test the safety controls, clean the burners, and much more. This preventative maintenance will keep your furnace running at peak efficiency, which means lower energy bills for you. And right now, we’re offering our precision furnace tune-up at a more affordable price. LEARN MORE

Furnace Repair

If your furnace isn’t working properly, don’t delay the heating service in Modesto, CA. There are many reasons why your furnace fails, but our experienced technicians can usually diagnose and fix the problem in a single visit. We carry a wide range of parts and supplies on our trucks, so we can generally resolve the issue on the spot.

Call us, and we’ll send one of our experienced technicians out to take a look and get it fixed fast. We are equipped with the latest tools and technology to get the job done right the first time. If you are not happy with our work, we’ll find a way to make it right for you. LEARN MORE

Furnace Replacement

Furnaces will break down over time, and a replacement will be needed. Some signs you need a new furnace include if your system is old, you’re constantly repairing it, your energy bills are going up, or strange noises are heard coming from the equipment.

If you need a new furnace, we can help. We offer a wide range of high-quality furnaces from the top manufacturers in the industry. We’ll work with you to find the perfect furnace for your home and budget. When it’s time for a new furnace, call Loves Air right away. LEARN MORE


A thermostat is the brain of your heating system. It’s responsible for controlling your heating in Modesto, CA, and it’s important to have a thermostat that is up to the task. We offer a wide range of high-quality thermostats from the top manufacturers in the industry. We’ll work with you to find the perfect thermostat for your home and budget. LEARN MORE

Why Choose our Experts?

Loves Air has been providing quality heating services to Modesto, CA since 2009. We’re dedicated to offering our customers the best possible heating service, and we’re always here to help you along the way.

Here’s why you should choose us when you need heating service:

  • We have years of experience
  • We’re family-owned and operated
  • We’re dedicated to quality service
  • We offer a wide range of products and services
  • We provide industry-leading warranties

Contact Loves Air at (209) 232-1112 today to see the difference.