When you turn up the thermostat and hear rattles and misfires, smell fumes, or never get warm, it’s time to think about a furnace replacement in Tracy, CA. Sometimes you’ve just had enough of service calls, or high energy bills that are still rising. At Loves Air we sympathize, and we’re glad to tell you that today’s new heating equipment has important advantages as well as addressing furnace trouble once and for all.

In recent years, furnace efficiency requirements have risen to 80 percent, while older equipment typically offers around 60 percent, or AFUE. These ratings can rise into the 90s on some new types of heater replacement equipment, thanks to “modulating furnace” technology and other major improvements.

Extracting the most out of your new equipment’s performance and efficiency capabilities, our Loves Air HVAC experts optimize the installation, including existing components like ducts, for best results. We count on them to make a difference in furnace installation that you’ll notice!